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Success Stories:

"TIWIB helped my book become a #1 Best Seller on Amazon within a matter of hours. The revenue generated from visibility on the site was absolutely overwhelming."

John Kyle, Grow The Fuck Up Book

"This Is Why I'm Broke helped Drop Stop get noticed in a big way. The hits to our website and Amazon listing as well as accompanying sales were amazing! And what’s even more amazing, it kept on going for YEARS after the original post. Folks still tell us that's where they discovered our invention."

Jeffrey Simon, Dropstop

"TIWIB drove 5 figures of sales and substantial traffic for over the year after it posted. It was the gift that kept giving because we ended up being highly rated on one of their categories so the sales continued for us for way longer than what we expected."

Tyler Ward, PrankCandles

"As a young company with a unique product, ThisIsWhyImBroke is where you wanna be. It is a great platform to help creators of cool, innovative and interesting products."

Isaac Lavi, The Right Cup

"Getting listed on the front page was a big deal for us! Not only did it add credibility to our product but the number of eyeballs that saw, clicked and visited our site was huge!"

Karol Krupa, RAFINO Coffee Grinding System

"After we launched our product we had our doubts that it would actually sell after numerous failed marketing ventures. The day it went on TIWIB everything changed - sales came rolling in daily and I don't think Drive Stein would be here today without it."

Cale Switzer, Drive Stein

"I paid for & ran the test for my product, DudeRobe, but had no idea what to expect. It tested well and resulted in enough sales to pay for itself in just a single day."

Howie Busch, DudeRobe

"We were pumped when we saw all the traffic TIWIB drove to our Kickstarter Campaign. TIWIB definitely played a big part in helping us crush our intial Kickstarter goal by almost 20x!"

Brendan McAuley, Chippo Golf

"Our feature on TIWIB was the driving force to growing Zero Fucks Coins to what it is today. From that single post, we saw a 1,200% increase in sales overnight, and received countless other features from other websites that picked up the tip from TIWIB. "

Howie Busch, Zero Fucks Coins

"ThisIsWhyImBroke not only significantly increased our website traffic, but also opened up the floodgates to amazing opportunities with interested investors, new customers, and other media placements. The overall burst of energy that TIWIB brought to BurgaBox was a sonic boom for our young company."

Kimberly Corkum, BurgaBox

"Pitching my product on ThisIsWhyImBroke was the best $250 I've ever spent. A major social media marketing company found us on ThisIsWhyImBroke and the product went viral! 5 million+ views within a week! They found me here!"

Jordon Schultz, Mother Of All Bombs Cup

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a product listing?

A product listing means your product will show up on our homepage which shows new products in chronological order (newest to oldest), as well as being listing in all applicable gift guides.

If my pitch performs below average do I get a refund?


What is the average? How is it calculated?

The average represents a weighted score based on the engagement metrics of uniqe clicks and wishlist saves for every single product currently listed on the site. Every 30 days we re-calculate the average to ensure accuracy within our pitch platform.

How soon will my product pitch show up on the site?

We typically approve product pitches within 24 hours.

Are sexual/offensive/controversial products allowed?

It depends. Any product that will reflect poorly on ThisIsWhyImBroke will not be approved and your money will be immediately refunded 100%.

What will my product look like on the site?

It will look identical to our regular content. Here’s an example

Can I track my product’s performance?

Yes, you will be able to see performance in your product pitch dashboard.

Why not just let me pay a higher price for a guaranteed product listing?

To maintain our site’s integrity as an authority on new and interesting products we have to ensure only high quality content is displayed to our users.

I still have questions, who do I contact?

You can reach us at [email protected]



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