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Creative Corner: Summer Activity Idea for Kids

Creativity can be found in any in almost every corner of your home – whether it's a superhero mask and cape or a handful of crayons and paper. As the summer crosses the halfway mark you maybe running out of ideas how to keep the little ones entertained without relying on electronics or costing a fortune.



Don't overlook the outdoors which is an ideal place to explore, get exercise and discover items to ignite your imagination. Every spring I look forward to taking nature walks to hunt for treasures for my fairy garden. Pine cones, rocks, shells and moss are the foundation of the magical world I create. Recycling an old birdhouse will add structure and colored glass beads from the craft store will add sparkle to your paths, rivers and lakes. 

Building an elf, gnome or fairy home can be a wonderful activity with your kids this summer. No telling what they will create as you help them unleash their imaginations. Post photos of your enchanted gardens, magical caves or mystical cities for Creative Capes fans to enjoy.

Here are some materials that you might want to consider to build your enchanted forest:

Pine cones, Acorns, Moss, Rocks, Shells, Driftwood, Glass beads, Colored pebbles, Fairy/doll house furniture, Locks and keys, Drawer pulls, Birdhouse, Mixture of artificial and real plants, Stepping stones

August 01, 2017 by Holly Hagen

Manayunk Arts Festival

We’re thrilled to take part in the 2017 28th Annual Manayunk Arts Festival! It is the tri-state's largest outdoor, juried arts festival. Celebrating 28 years of presenting the best variety of fine arts and crafts from across the country, nearly 200,000 collectors, buyers, and designers will visit Main Street for this event. This year our Creative Capes booth will be alongside nearly 300 other artists showcasing their work along historic Main Street in Manayunk.

Be sure to come visit our booth:

Saturday, June 24th from 11AM - 7PM
Sunday, June 25th from 11AM - 6PM

June 21, 2017 by Holly Hagen

Help Kids Create Their Own Story


By Amanda Mahon
Mom to 7 year old superhero, Loralai


When my daughter puts on her ensemble from Creative Capes, she is transformed. Not just by the empowering feeling of being a superhero who can do anything, but she allows her imagination to take over and she really takes that can-do-anything to heart and I know that all of this is much much more than just simple child’s play.

Using the imagination is an important part of psychological and physical development for children who eventually become adults that can creatively problem solve. Being able to imagine different endings to situations allows us, as adults, to think through scenarios and decided what is best for our desired outcomes. This is a learned process. If as a child, you grew up only understanding the here and now, there would be no way to understand the different ways the future could be changed and would be hard pressed to cope if a different situation arose than the one they are accustomed to. Developing and using the imagination as child is critical to developing these skills and being a successful adult.

As for physical development, children learn through activity, developing their senses, motor skills and even communication through movement and these all relate to brain development as well. Imaginative play gets children moving and exploring the world around them.

Our children live in a time when screens are more accessible than ever, but those screens are more of a one way street. They present information and here and there they can make choices about where to go in a video game, etc. but screens (and video games) present a very limited way to use imagination that does not help to produce the same developmental physical and neurological results.

British education expert Sir Ken Robinson explains that one of the ways adults can help a child develop an imagination is through the use of various props that “fuel fantasy and motivate them (children) to create their own story.” [See source.] Creative Capes are wonderful props to jump start the imagination. One day my daughter can be a superhero, fighting off the bad guys. The next day she is a regal queen forging peace between her stuffed animals. There is really no limit to who she can be or where she can go, but the cape empowers her to just open her mind and dive into a new adventure.

June 13, 2017 by Holly Hagen

What Kids Think: The Blooper Reel

In our “What Kids Think” video series, kids tell about how they can be superheroes by helping others in need. Well, that was the idea. Anyone who works with kids knows that things don't always go as planned. Watch this fun behind the scenes blooper reel from our filming to see the results.


May 24, 2017 by Holly Hagen

Arbutus Festival

Creative Capes is excited to take part in the 44th Annual Arbutus Arts Festival! There's something for everyone! Whether you are in the mood to browse unique handmade crafts, savor delicious food and drink, listen to great local music, relax in the beer garden, stroll through our classic car show or enjoy rides and games in the children's corner, you can do it all at the Baltimore/Washington area's premier one-day arts & crafts show. Mark the day on your calendar now and invite your friends and family! We're looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Rain or shine!

Visit the website at

May 17, 2017 by Holly Hagen

UMBC Entrepreneurial Marketing Class

This spring Creative Capes was proud to partner with the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). In an effort to pay it forward, Holly Hagen, owner of Creative Capes, welcomed the opportunity to be a guest speaker for the UMBC Entrepreneurial Marketing Class taught by Jeremy Steinberg. The students were given a unique opportunity to work with a real business during their coursework. Creative Capes, a local business who empowers children through personalized superhero capes, was the selected business for the students to test out their marketing concepts. The class was divided into six teams, each developing their own call to action, content, imagery and target demographics to create the most effective ad campaign for the FaceBook community. The goal was to think outside the box, discover new markets and achieve the best conversion rate. The month long marketing project allowed the students to explore the nuances and challenges of marketing a business via social media platform.  It was an honor to provide an opportunity for these young entrepreneurs to test out their ideas in a real world scenario. 

May 11, 2017 by Holly Hagen

Running for Rare

Creative Capes is a huge fan of Bug (Super S). Living with a rare disease doesn't deter him from making an impact on everyone he meets. He is a voice for all those battling rare diseases including himself. Photos shown here are from the event - Running for Rare to raise funds to aid in the efforts to find a diagnosis and cure. This special child reminds us all we can make a difference in our own community. Be inspired by Bug and do something out of the ordinary to help someone and feel the power of positive impact.

April 26, 2017 by Holly Hagen

The Ideal Birthday Gift is a Piece of Cake!

"Holly’s capes are amazing! I have purchased these capes and various accessories numerous times as birthday gifts for both boys and girls. It is so fun to see the child’s reaction and then their face light up as they transform into a superhero. The capes are well made and parents are always grateful when their children receive gifts such as this rather than more toys to overtake the house. Don’t think twice if you are considering a Creative Cape as your next gift. Holly even gift wraps and can ship right to the birthday child with your personalized note!"

- Danielle, mom of two superheroes

April 19, 2017 by Holly Hagen

The New "Galaxy" Edition

I'm excited to unveil the latest capes and accessories for the space lovers out there! Sure to be a hit with Star Wars fans, this special edition has a black exterior with a white satin lining. The base of the emblem is embellished with a galaxy of stars.

Get your Galaxy Cape here:

Kid's Initial Cape Special Edition- Galaxy

Super Set- Galaxy (includes cape, eye masks, belt and wrist cuffs)

Ultimate Set- Galaxy (includes cape, shield, eye mask, belt and wrist cuffs)

A special thanks to the Galaxy Super Squad of 5-10 year old superheroes who participated in the photoshoot. I also loved working with Erika Leigh Photography capturing these space heroes in action.

April 18, 2017 by Holly Hagen

Glenside Arts Festival


Creative Capes is proud to be participating in the Annual Downtown Glenside Arts Festival! Downtown Glenside is a vibrant town with a little something for everyone including delicious restaurants, unique shops, and a strong sense of community and family. We’ll have our capes available for purchase along side of more than other 75 artisans, local crafters and emerging artists offering hand-made pottery, mixed media artwork, jewelry, children’s clothes, custom scarves and much more.

Activities throughout the day will include a kids’ zone including hands on activities and juggling, Tai Chi, musical entertainment, local wine/cider tasting, food trucks, local shopping and events to celebrate Earth Day. Voted as a Classic Town, Downtown Glenside is a great location for a Festival.

The festival will run from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  on Saturday, April 22 on Easton Road in Glenside between the Waverly Road and Mt. Carmel Avenue, easily accessible by train, bus or car.

We hope to see you there!

April 14, 2017 by Holly Hagen
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