These hand stamped cheese knives are a great gift idea for the cheese lover in your life or as the perfect accessory at your next wine and cheese night.

A while ago I ran across these cute hand stamped cheese knives on Pinterest with the sayings “Spread Love, Spread Joy and Spread Cheer”. When I found some fairly inexpensive cheese knives at a kitchen supply store over the holidays, I stocked up just waiting for an excuse to make some. I love the vintage look of the original inspiration knives, but I’ll have to wait until summer “junk markets” to pick up some old flatware.

Supplies Needed:

You can check out my previous metal stamping projects for other tips and tricks to metal stamping.

First, I used painters tape to secure my knife to the steel bench block and create a straight line to stamp on. I always recommend doing a practice round. I mentioned that my knives were fairly inexpensive, so it allowed me to test on one first to make sure I knew how hard to hit my hammer for the metal I was using.

I never feel like my lettering has to be perfectly spaced. I like the charm of slightly imperfect lettering.

Don’t forget to wash your knives after stamping to get rid of any metal dust (and to remove finger prints!)

I participate in a secret pal gift exchange every year with some ladies that I met online when I was planning our wedding (15 years ago – yes the internet existed way back then!) Even though we’re spread across the country, we’ve kept in touch and we do a gift exchange each year. I really enjoy putting my package together each year filled with a few handmade gifts and some local treasures. When I was putting together my gift this year, I thought my friend Stacy would appreciate the custom cheese knives.

Here’s a photo of all the goodies I put together for Stacy.

Clockwise From Top Right: A few new magazines from Better Homes and Gardens | Postcards and Pint Glass from Raygun (Pint Glass saying: IOWA 75% Vowels, 100% Awesome) | Angel Ornament by Isabel Bloom | Chocolates from Chocolaterie Stam | Hand Stamped Cheese Knives | Monogrammed Kitchen Towels

What’s funny is that Stacy had my name this year too. As I mentioned in My Friday Five post, her gift couldn’t have come at a better time to pick up my spirits. She’s from Pittsburgh and along with a lovely scarf, she sent me many goodies from her hometown including Andy Warhol memorabilia, assorted Nicholas coffees, local chocolates, mints, and a Christmas Ornament with the skyline on it. She also sent a book for Carter and lots of fun treats for him too! I love this tradition.

Do you have any fun traditions or exchanges you look forward to every year?

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