Well, hello again. The summer has gone by in a blur. My blogging hiatus was a little longer than expected given selling our house, buying a new house, a big work project, switching schools, blah blah blah, you get it! I figured rather than do an extensive update, I’d just give a snapshot of life these days based on 5 random things I googled this week.

1 | Supplies Needed for a New Puppy –  YES, we’re getting a puppy! We’re picking out our little bundle of fluff this weekend and then will bring her home in a couple more weeks. While we’re not complete puppy novices, we want to make sure we at least have the basics like a good kennel, a bed, a few toys, food, a leash, poop bags (oh joy!), etc. We’re getting a mini goldendoodle, which will be about 25 lbs full grown. If you have any must have puppy supply recommendations, I’m all ears!

2 | 
Best Trees for Iowa (pdf) – We moved back in the early summer and while we love our new house, we really miss the mature trees and landscaping of the old house (photo is from our old house). Our new house is about 4 years old and the previous owners didn’t do much landscaping, so now that it’s fall we’re anxious to get some trees planted and a plan for our yard. I know I’d like a magnolia tree to remind me of my Granny B who passed away this winter, but we want one other larger tree as well. We’ll also get some flowers and grasses from my mom’s yard, some of which came from my other grandparent’s farm. I’m sure it will be a process over the next few years.

3 | Best Shoes for a Broken Big Toe
 | I won’t get in to all the gory details, but an incident two weeks ago left me with a very bruised leg, 15 stitches in the top of my foot and a broken big toe. I’m finally turning the corner and hobbling slightly less, got my stitches replaced with steri strips and am on the mend. Unfortunately I have to deal with the broken toe at least another 2-4 weeks. I am so thankful to work from home, but periodically I do have to venture out of the house and wear real shoes, thus the search. A little surprisingly Birkenstocks came up in the list, bringing up so many college memories! I probably have 50 other searches related to my injury, it may or may not have included “can you get stretch marks on your feet from swelling”.  😥

4 | Mobile Laser Tag Parties
 – Carter’s birthday is in a few weeks. He’d love to have a laser tag party, but we don’t have any places really close, and what can I say, I’m kind of cheap when it comes to birthday parties. I’m thinking of setting up one at our nearby park and either renting laser tag gear or buying some. Bonus – if we do that, we can use the camo barricades I made last year for his Nerf Party! Stay tuned…

(Throwback photo from a Wisconsin Dells trip a few years ago.)

5 | Layered Lob Haircuts – I wanted a little texture added to my hair without losing the ability to put it in a ponytail or bun #workfromhomeproblems So my search landed me with these two images to show my stylist. I wear my hair straight most of the time (or in said ponytail or bun), but do like to wear in beachy waves sometimes too.

That’s it in a nutshell. I hope you are all well!



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