Who we are and how we got here


Create products and experiences that engage people in uplifting play in order to inspire wonder and happiness.

We delight, inspire and transform our customers with the ability to redefine possibility through imagination. Each product looks and feels like it was inspired by play.

We have a curiosity about the world and we share that with our customers. We have an inviting way about us and we engage people because we are genuinely interested in them as individuals and their unique stories.

An element of play is central to our purpose and is woven through everything we do. We believe that play has the power to inspire wonder and happiness.

Our products provide the opportunity for Everfan to have a positive impact. Through creative partnerships with organizations, we will connect with people who may need their spirits boosted and empower them to engage in play that inspires wonder and happiness. Our compassion extends to our high operating standards. Everfan ensures that all aspects of the business meet the rigorous standards of the Fair Labor Association.



In 2011, our fearless founder, Scott Chastain, AKA Captain Stretch, had an idea. It was a somewhat unusual idea, that centered around fandom, superhero capes and Auburn University. After 8 months of trial and error and mastering the labyrinth of collegiate licensing regulations, Everfan launched with a superhero kit that included a cape, eyemask, power bands and shirt for 5 universities. 

Fast forward a few years and Everfan started getting requests for custom designs and bulk orders. With new opportunities to work with large companies like MTV & Chick-fil-A, as well as build partnerships with nonprofits such as Heart Heroes, CASA and Love Your Melon, Everfan began to evolve. Scott saw the power within his products and the demand from a different audience for customizable Everfan gear. Today, Everfan specializes in a host of playful and customizable products that engage people of all ages!


The Everfan Team

Captain Stretch

Not-so-secret Identitiy: Scott Chastain
Position: CEO (Chief Everfan Officer and Founder)

If Scott were a superhero, his powers would be many: Passion, energy, clarity and imagination, all united by an unwavering determination. Scott is a landscape architect (owner of Chastain Design) by training, designer by interest, and entrepreneur by heart.  In the midst of a persistent economic downturn, Scott rediscovered his imagination, dreaming of a venture that would combine two of his passions: design & superheroes. Thus, Everfan was born.

Scott can still be found drawing up landscapes around his hometown Thomasville in his spare time.


Not-so-secret Identitiy: Katie Chastain
Position: CFO - Chief Fun Officer

Katie's passions complement those of her husband, Scott. After selling her small town bookstore, The Bookshelf, she joined Everfan to help manage the day-to-day operations and keep the other superheroes under control. Katie and Scott have two daughters, Perry and Reece.


Not-so-secret Identitiy: Areka Beckham
Position: Marketing and Sales Manager

Areka will be working with customers to create the cape of their dreams and will be responsible for incoming orders. Being a mother of five, she brings creativity and a passion for fun to the Evercave.

Areka enjoys photography and spending time with her husband, Nick, and their kids Tristin, Charli Sue, Jaden, Jordan and Blake. 

Triple Threat

Not-so-secret Identitiy: Marty Roberts
Position: Production Choreographer

Marty is a production extraordinaire.  A triple threat, if you will.  She sews.  She embroiders. She heat presses.  Perhaps her greatest strength, though, is that she agrees with Everfan's policy to do whatever it takes to bring your imagination to life and to say "no" only when absolutely necessary.

Not only is she a triple threat at Everfan, but also outside.  She is a talented musician and singer as well as an actress (as we discovered at our company retreat).  She also enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee and soccer competitively.

Don't mess with Triple Threat.

A glimpse into the Evercave

From Our Heroes

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