Love Delivered

Love Delivered
Meet the postal worker who connects a company with its customers and discovers a Heart Hero in the process.

We see Zack a lot. We dump packages of capes on the counter and USPS Lead Clerk Zack Bruchey magically gets them where they need to go. Each time. Every time.



How to be a Superhero in 2018:

At Everfan, our New Years Resolution is to be more like our favorite superheroes this year. Sadly, we can’t all be Captain America or Wonder Woman during all of 2018, but luckily we’ve compiled a list of 7 ways to help make you feel like a superhero every day.

Golden Girl

Alexa delos Reyes has been fighting bad guys since she was two, slaying the cancer cells attacking her brain. They attacked her mobility-- the use of her hand and her ability to walk. When she was 9, Lexy took a “treatment” trip to New York City. She saw a double rainbow over the statue of liberty. It’s the last sight she remembers before she lost her ability to see.


When we decided to partner with Desi Strong foundation to raise support for this month’s Childhood Cancer Awareness campaign, we needed a face -- a childhood cancer survivor willing to ham it up with a doll and a cape. We found so much more in 13-year-old, Osteosarcoma-survivor Loxley Slocumb.

Desi (and her doll) Deserves a Cape.

As 6-year-old Desi Cechin went through brutal doses of chemotherapy drugs, doctors described her as stoic, not ceding to the pain, but dancing through the treatments. Her parents shared her fight against the stage IV neuroblastoma in her abdomen on Facebook, inspiring kids and adults alike with her playfulness as nauseating and painful drugs attacked her cancer.

Local Heart Heroes

If there is one thing we know at Everfan, it’s superheroes. Not your average cape-wearing, building jumping, comic-book-type of hero; but the Real Life heroes. The ones that encourage, inspire, and never give up.  These are the heroes that Everfan interacts with every day, and it is our honor to share their stories.

DIY: Animal Superhero Masks

Add a few new characters to your child's world of wonder with our Animal Superhero Masks!  You can watch the video to get the gist of how easy these are to make using one of our Youth Masks and our downloadable patterns.  Let's go!

From Our Heroes

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