When we decided to partner with Desi Strong foundation to raise support for this month’s Childhood Cancer Awareness campaign, we needed a face -- a childhood cancer survivor willing to ham it up with a doll and a cape. We found so much more in 13-year-old, Osteosarcoma-survivor Loxley Slocumb.

Desi (and her doll) Deserves a Cape.

As 6-year-old Desi Cechin went through brutal doses of chemotherapy drugs, doctors described her as stoic, not ceding to the pain, but dancing through the treatments. Her parents shared her fight against the stage IV neuroblastoma in her abdomen on Facebook, inspiring kids and adults alike with her playfulness as nauseating and painful drugs attacked her cancer.

Local Heart Heroes

If there is one thing we know at Everfan, it’s superheroes. Not your average cape-wearing, building jumping, comic-book-type of hero; but the Real Life heroes. The ones that encourage, inspire, and never give up.  These are the heroes that Everfan interacts with every day, and it is our honor to share their stories.

DIY: Animal Superhero Masks

Add a few new characters to your child's world of wonder with our Animal Superhero Masks!  You can watch the video to get the gist of how easy these are to make using one of our Youth Masks and our downloadable patterns.  Let's go!

DIY - Star Wand


For Halloween we showed you guys how to use things around the house and a few Everfan products to create costumes based on your favorite children's book characters.  We had a great time watching the kids transform into the characters with a little help from costumes and a lot of help from their imaginations. 

Halloween Behind the Scenes

Did you catch our Halloween costume suggestions based on our favorite book characters?  Well, here is some behind the scenes (part 1 and part 2) of that SUPER fun day.  These kids are cute and pretty funny.  





A BOOkish Halloween

Everfan has an inextricable link to all things books.  It all started in 2007 when Katie (EXCELerator) and Scott (Captain Stretch) bought The Bookshelf in downtown Thomasville.  Everfan was born above The Bookshelf in 2011.  In addition to a team that has an arsenal of award winning dance moves (don't fact check that) Everfan is also a team that reads.  There is a constant flow of book suggestions in the office.

Tutus for a Cause

Dance ability may not be a prerequisite to work at Everfan but Scott has, somehow, assembled a team that not only loves to dance but...if I may say so myself...are all pretty decent dancers.  ( was discovered a company retreat after wish you worked here!)  Needless to say, when we heard that the South Georgia Ballet Conservatory was hosting a Tutus and Tennis Shoes 5K and Fun Run to raise money for their brand new Special Needs Dance Program we knew we had to be a part of it.  

From Our Heroes

...our “Super Heros” went out into the crowd of THOUSANDS to encourage them to stop by the Wellspring tent — encouraging them to learn more about... more
Just a note to say a big thank you for my custom superhero cape and powerbands. They arrived in the mail today and I am so happy with them, they look... more
I just received my order. The capes, masks and wrist cuffs are fantastic! I can't wait to take fun pictures with my family.
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