Capes4Heroes, I live in the Moore, Oklahoma area and my children attend Briarwood Elementary. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the time, effort, and capes you have recently given to not only my children, but the children of Plaza Towers also. Words cannot express how much joy they brought to my children. Seeing them run around the house and have ear to ear smiles made my heart become full of joy and hope. I truly appreciate your generosity and will never forget the precious gift you have given them, happiness and a chance to start healing. I sincerely appreciate it.
— written by Erica
Please consider donating a SUPERHERO cape to a child with a Life Threatening Medical Condition! I personally know the Mom that started this organization and she works solely on the generosity and donations from others to help her give every one of these children a chance to realize the mission of Capes4Heroes which is to encourage and recognize the REAL SUPERHEROS in this world~ these children~ and then provide each one of them with their own “SUPERHERO CAPE”! She has Cape Crusaders from all over the country that hand sew each cape with LOVE ♥, then her Ambassadors throw HUGE superhero parties for these children at the Ronald McDonald Houses around the country to personally “cape” each child by their favorite superhero! She also spends countless hours away from her own little boys and family to personally present capes to some of the sickest superheros :) The cost to sponsor a cape and the mission of Capes4Heroes is SO small in comparison with the unimaginable Hope, Strength, and Courage you see as each cape transforms these children from extraordinary to SUPER-EXTRAORDINARY! It is almost as if these capes give these children something that was already present within them, something that only the “CAPE” has the power achieve! Please SPONSOR a Superhero TODAY!
— written by Amy Scribner Patterson
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to both Capes4Heroes and our AMAZING sponsor(s) for the incredible gift of Casper’s Cape. It’s just so perfect for him, I died when I flipped it over and saw the Star Trek Fabric, Casper lit up with joy he is just the littlest Trekkie there is.

Honestly I was having a rough day as Casper is just not feeling 100% and because of some other difficulties but when I opened the package you turned my day around it just brought so much joy to him that I couldn’t help but focus on the positive again. I framed his certificate and mounted it on his wall, as he will forever be our superhero.

I wanted to share a couple pictures and just say a GREAT BIG thank you for bringing such happiness to our little fighter. ♥
— written by Amy Lewis
We were blessed to meet Barbara during our stay at RMH at Stanford. She has brought joy, laughs and fun with her capes to my children, along with many other children staying at the house. These beautiful capes make sick children believe they are truly super heroes and that they can conquer anything, including their illnesses. Thank you Barbara and Capes4Heroes for the love, support and joy you bring these kid!
— written by Jennifer Davis
You made my sons day. This has been such a wild trip the last few weeks. Thank you for making him feel so special!!!
— written by Darcy Wells
Thank you. We appreciate everything that you do. Our little boys absolutely love their capes!
— written by Renee Vanderhorst-Kinney
Even though your cape is invisible Barbara, I see it blowing in the wind with a neon blinking heart on the back of it!
— written by Terry Nash
Thank you for coming out! Auston my 5 year old is thrilled about his ironman cape and that y’all gave his brother and sister one! He also sang twinkle twinkle for your sweet camera girl! Can not wait to see pictures and videos! Thank you so much!
— written by Paula Grizzle
Thank you all so very much for what you did. The kids have been wearing their capes all day. They absolutely love them.
— written by Christina Myst
I was there! they had super hero cupcakes and plush animals for the kids. Smiles all around as little ones greeted friends and swooped around in their new capes.
— written by Kelly Worner
It’s just remarkable what you’re doing for the children here, Barbara. Inspiration is such a beautiful thing, and I have found it a similar way which you have found it - stemming from challenging situations... God just knows how to turn our trying circumstances into beautiful avenues upon which we can make positive changes in our lives, and in our worlds. I was inspired, so I posted Capes4Heroes on my website to help spread the word. I wish you an overflowing wealth of success in all your endeavors and will be keeping you, your family, and especially your little ones (the ones you’ve made and all the ones you’ve loved ♥) in prayer... Much love to you, Barbara!
— written by Trinh Mai Thach
We always knew Kyle was a super kid, but now the world can see his true superhero identity! Thank you so much to the cape’s sponsor, Valerie Schilling, and creator, Capes4Heroes, for giving Kyle the perfect outfit to keep up his superhuman strength. Join Kyle’s superhero team by spreading the word and helping him find a bone marrow donor.
— written by Kyle’s family
Thanks to Capes4Heroes! Nayelis has a Super Princess Nayelis cape! She’s our Super Hero!
— written by Mona Rabiosa
Thank you for all you do to make little ones day brighter and show them the superheroes they are.
— written by Leana Chenault-Jones
Once he got your beautiful cape (two-sided Superman and Batman), he rarely took it off. I have picture of him in restaurants, in the yard eating watermelon, at the playground, watching television, running errands in the car with his mom... all wearing his Batman cape. It is so precious to see make-believe holding its own in a Game-boy/Xbox society.
— written by Carol
THANK YOU, Barbara Casados for using your talents to create such darling capes so the kids can be heroes EVERY day!
— written by Stacey P.