Madcap Frenzy's A Heroes and Villains themed New Years Eve party for adults- Superhero jelloshots OBVIOUSLY NOT jell-o shots, maybe gatorade?

My soon to be 13 yr old wants to see the Captain America movie for his party. Hoping this would be an age apropreate side dish.Superhero party-Captain America fruit/cheese tray - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

The Party Wall: Spiderman Birthday Party: Part Food & Drinks something for the adults lol

Cocktails for all Ocassions

The Avengers mixed drinks. Someday, I'll have an adult Avengers themed party. And it'll be awesome. Tho I don'y know if I could handle any of these drinks, I'm such a girl lol

superhero party, 40th birthday, adult superhero

We made the Super Bar drink menu and grabby signs using this free comic book font, acrylic paint, and Painters Paint Markers.

Fun Party Idea ~ Bury Glowsticks in the Ice.Great Idea for an Outside Party, Halloween Party, Neon Themed Party, etc. Naturally would have kid drinks in the bowl :)

Modern Batman Birthday Party

Create enough prettiness to please the girls, while keeping things dark enough to excite the dads with this Modern Batman Birthday Party!

Real Life Superheroes + Superhero Party Games

Entertain your family and friends with these hilarious minute to win it games with items from home! Superhero party games everyone will love!

POW! A 30th Superhero Birthday Party Dessert Table

Gotham Superhero Dessert Table: love the fabric/felt capes tied onto the (beer for adults) bottles.who says grown ups can't have superhero parties?

7 Batman Themed Cocktails to Accompany Arkham Knight

7 Batman themed cocktails & drinks for your adult superhero party! Yum---the Bruce Wayne, coffee and bourbon!

This Superhero Party Kit has all of your party essentials.

Real Life Superheroes + Superhero Party Games

These superhero minute to win it games are the absolute best superhero party games for kids or for adults! Even my toddler loved playing games inspired by his Marvel favorites! Some use food, some are games you DIY, and some even include an obstacle cours