Cape tutorial

Project Run and Play-The Audrey Cape Tutorial

The Audrey Cape Tutorial is an easy step by step tutorial that will show you how to make a little girls fashionable cape.

Easy Princess Cape Tutorial

So cute! How to make a fairy princess cape - Easy DIY tutorial by Melly Sews >>> This is for you princesses out there, yo welcome.

Lucina hooded cowl cape polyester peachskin- perfect for ruler's cape, tutorial and fabric!

Elsa Cape Tutorial

Do you have an Elsa fan in your house? We have an easy Queen Elsa Cape Tutorial to make for your little ones.

20 DIY Poncho Patterns To Get Hooked On This Fall

DIY Audrey Hepburn inspired cape --- very easy directions (although I would make the buttons false and hide snaps underneath to make it even easier (and not have to finish the buttonholes). Only sewing would be edging.

Do on little different scale for Lexia's red riding costume. The Modest Homestead: Little Red Riding Hood Costume {Tutorial}

Reversible Cape Tutorial

I would love to make these for my nephews too! Reversible Superhero Cape Tutorial - I've been tying blankets around their necks for months, it's time for an actual cape!

Free Cape pattern for lil superheros -previous a comment mentioned she made for her 3 yr.