Blessing Bag

Such a fun family service idea for Thanksgiving! Use these FREE Blessing Bag printables to surprise a family in need

Homeless Care Packages plus Printable Lists

Homeless Care Packages plus Printable checklist and dos/don'ts. Grab some extra items while you're shopping to make these blessing bags for handing to those in need - Odds & Evans

Blessing Bag Meals – #ShareAMeal and Reach out to those in Need

Blessing Bag Meals for the Homeless. Have these bags assembled, ready in the car with you. When you are out- an opportunity may present itself to "bless" others!

7 Extra Income Sites That Via PayPal Instantly!

Are you in need of some quick extra cash? Here's 7 extra income ideas that pay…

Summer Healing: DIY Charcoal Face Mask

Best Extra Income Opportunities That Pay $50+ Daily

Best Extra Income Opportunities That Pay $50+ Daily

Spa Inspired Bathroom Makeover

spa inspired bathroom makeover, bathroom ideas Ceiling to floor shower curtain makes the room appear larger.

Cheap Home Furnishing with Recycled Pallets

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on the new home when it comes to decorating it and getting the furniture for the daily use. Some people who have the pallets and know how to use them for making the reclaimed wood pallets furniture for the home

DIY Hammock Chair for $37!

This DIY hammock chair is such a fun, easy, and inexpensive addition to any room in need of a little extra relaxation!

When I first started experimenting with minimalism, about five years ago, I had no idea what my journey would truly look like. Of course I had a few expectations like an easy to clean home + a much healthier bank balance but looking back now I realis

Free Monthly Budget Template

One of the first steps in being financially responsible is being organized. In order to figure out where you are spending your money you need to have a budget. Use this free printable budget binder to start managing your finances and saving more money thi

Doesn't everyone need a cute raggedy homespun plaid pumpkin coaster to sit that steamy mug of apple cider on? These little cuties can be whipped up in just an hour or so and will add a...

10 Inspiring DIY Fall Decor Ideas

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