For my son and future grandsons. Remember your Southern heritage and don't embarrass either one of us.

Actually this can Become a Huge Weight around your kids necks... once they reach a certain age... if you love them, let them go... sDm

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30 Funny Pictures for Friday

30 Funny Pictures for Friday | Morning Edition

Bathroom Sign, wood sign sayings, boys room, man cave, mens restroom, boys bathroom, toliet sign, bathroom decor, mom, restroom sign, bath think it...give them some warning. This is a fun sign for any home who has problems with peeing on the seat, putting the seat down, cleaning the toilet, etc. It measures 13 inches long, 9 1/4 across and is hand painted on 3/4 inch, solid wood. This piece has been sealed so dont worry about bathroom moisture, I took care of that for you. My sealer is also very easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. His piece is made to order so you can choose from 16 different colors to mat...