When they add her into the Avengers Sequal, she's gonna rip off Thor's cape and be like "NO CAPES." and I'm gonna laugh.>>> what I thought the whole time during man of steel

No Capes!

Thor: The Dark World gag reel (gif) - NO CAPES! <-- I understood that reference

20 Hilarious 'Frozen' Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

OMG: 20 Hilarious Frozen Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud 〖 Disney Pixar Frozen Elsa The Incredibles Edna no capes funny 〗

Halloween Superhero Fashion Tips via the awesome Edna Mode: No capes; red makes a statement; never look back, it distracts from the now; no white super suits after Labor Day;

Loki, like Edna Mode, (The Incredibles) knows the secret weakness of all superheroes: Capes.

Be Your Own Action Hero

Alcohol Inks on Yupo

Draw me Edna Mode from The Incredibles with a hatred of capes. Artist /u/Glynrick. (To be fair Superman isn't subject to the same issues that lead to Edna's rule)

Add laundry room on the main level. Take space from the oversized master bathroom. Make Bed a second living room. Two bathrooms upstairs converted to one, better laid out bathroom. Eliminate the ground floor rooms (possible future).

Make a No-Sew Superhero Cape for Reading Powers

The Quilted Turtle: Homemade Superhero cape - because in L.'s mind you can never have too many capes

DIY no sew cape tutorial you can utilize for a little red riding hood or superhero costume. BUT, no hood.

My son LOVES his capes and superhero stuff. I will make him this and discard the old material capes he has been using. Prince capes/cloaks also No Sew Superhero Capes (FREE Template)

Definitely want to make some capes from adult tee shirts. If cut the neck and add velcro for safety though. No-Sew Superhero Cape from a t-shirt. The post has a tutorial for toilet roll superhero cuffs too.

Check out these "No Sew" Superhero Capes (FREE Template) from Jolly Mom! For the perfect party favor!