Ruben superhero

Golden Age (1938-1955):Superhero, Adventure Comics #45 - Ruben Blades Collection (DC, 1939) CGC FN/VF7.0 Cream to off-white pages.

Ruben led me into this project gradually. For weeks, he'd been asking me (or Joe, or Diego, or anyone willing) to draw superheroes for him....

London rapper Tinie Tempah is known for his high octane performances and toned 'superhero' physique. What's less known is the identity of his trainer. Sarah Rainey meets fitness guru Ruben Tabares and is put through her paces

With Great Power by Ruben Ireland / and a collection of other superhero prints:

Placentum Shampoo: Superhero Your hair defines you. Take care of it. Advertising Agency: Koenig & Partners, Guayaquil, Ecuador Creative Director: César Sepúlveda, Fabián Martínez Art Director: James Nieto, Fabián Martínez Copywriter: Rubén Sáenz, César Sepúlveda Illustrator: James Nieto Published: August 2015

Force Majeure | Ruben Östlund | 2014 - Why do women expect men to act like superheroes?

Superheroes blended with renaissance paintings- hulk as Ruben's painting of battle of anghiari