T-Shirt Super Hero Capes: No Sew

Now we're talking for real... t-shirts cut into the shape of a cape... and you're pretty much done! I'm going to do this w/some white shirts and have the kiddos color them if they want:

Make a No-Sew Superhero Cape for Reading Powers

No-Sew Superhero Cape and Cuffs

No-Sew Superhero Cape from a t-shirt. The post has a tutorial for toilet roll superhero cuffs too. Fun!

Reversible Cape Tutorial

Printable Superman birthday banner for a super hero birthday party (also great as an iron-on t-shirt graphic

Printable Superman alphabet letters and numbers - make a super hero birthday party banner, front door decoration, birthday iron-on t-shirt, whatever you wish!

Super Kids Inspired Party at Ann Kelle Fabrics

DIY Plastic Table cloth Super Hero capes for my nephew's 4th birthday party! My sister just used a caped she already had for the template to cut out the capes. Printed out different super hero logos and cut then out to make a template and painted each logo on the cape! Used sticky Velcro to put on! Awesome and easy!

loving this tutorial, wish my kids were small enough to appreciate these! by Joanne Rich: DIY Superhero Cape, Mask, and Cuff Set

Reversible Cape Tutorial

Kids Love Capes by createkidscouture: Free Super Cape Pattern! #DIY #Kids #Capes