Superhero capes diy no sew

No Sew Superhero Capes (FREE Template) my granddaughter is always wanting me to use a towel to make her a cape...this looks super easy!

No-Sew Superhero Cape and Cuffs

a no-sew superhero cape. I definitely wanna make Abby a superhero cape, and this seems like an easy way to start. :)

DIY Kids Christmas Gift Ideas

No Sew Superhero Capes - Your son will love to make some crafts for him and you will be ver glad about that.

RACKS and Mooby: How To Make a Superhero Cape {no sew!} from fleece. Bottom is finished with "squigglies". I could sew ribbon on the flaps for the neck closure or a button and loop closure.....but I guess then it would be an almost no sew project.

no sew cape, i have to go to hobby lobby right now! kids loved them, i made them with fleece and not nearly as wide as the instructions, perfect party favor!!