Superhero Group/Table Signs

one labeled "Group "Group etc. and one labeled "Table "Table etc.

Chevron Superhero Group Signs: 1-6

Signs for your classroom groups! This set contains 6 chevron superhero group signs in 6 different colors. Let me know if you need them to be pe.

Evening espresso (22 photos)

PROM IDEAS: the guys secretly decided on undercover superhero identities and wore the corresponding colors to match the shirts underneath and revealed them during this picture and it was perfect. <-- didn't know hello kitty was a superhero.

Superhero Group Signs #1-7

Superhero Group Signs that can be used for labeling Group trashcans, Desk Groupings or Center Groups.Included are signs with Group wording and signs with just the numbers on them.

X-men : Apocalypse cast picture! Best superhero group ever; OMG the only ones who aren't moving at all are Mystique and Beast;

Dress Like Raven

Dress up with a cosplay outfit like Raven a founding member of the DC Comics animated superhero group Teen Titans from the Cartoon Network show.

Super hero Social Skills

The start of the school year is the start of so many beginnings! As a preschool teacher, I am my students first teacher.

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