Superhero shindig

Another cupcake idea would be to make cupcake flags with a W, in a shape like these, using Photoshop.

Wireless Festival 2014 - Day 3 - Performances

Kanye West @ Wireless Festival-Well, since Mr. West wishes to make a total ass of himself at this shindig, then I say why not create a cosplay and "superhero" character out of him? (I know, I can be ever so mean, sometimes)

Justin Bieber Buzz Cut OR Justin Bieber Dreads Justin Bieber has cut and run from the dreadlocks that launched a thousand criticisms. WHO'D YOU RATHER!? Bieber with a buzz cut or Bieber with dreads? Jeremy Bieber had an artsy-fartsy party in Toronto, complete with tigers, superheros and the Biebs. Jeremy and fiancee Chelsea Rebelo had their shindig at a massive, private Toronto estate. The backdrop was an art show, but it felt more like a renaissance fair. The pics are pr

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