About adding light into play spaces from Fairy Dust Teaching Twinkle lights add a layer of magic and wonder. It is a splash of etheric joy. Lamps cast a warmth and cozy feeling.

Fun Countdown Timers for the Classroom

Corkboard Connections: Fun Countdown Timers for the Classroom. Not an app, but online timers that may be used on a Smartboard.

Teach Your Child to Read - Free template for students to use with any article in order to prepare them to SHARE a CURRENT EVENT article with the classroom! - Give Your Child a Head Start, and.Pave the Way for a Bright, Successful Future.

ELLs in the Classroom {A Bright Idea}

This resource provides a very simple guide for teachings on the "do's and dont's" to teaching ELLs in the classroom. This guide is adaptable to any content area and teaching level.

50 Acts of Kindness for the Classroom -


Teach Your Child to Read - A few ways to use the free iPad app Popplet to teach reading strategies. Learn more about how to integrate this app into reading workshop. - Give Your Child a Head Start, and.Pave the Way for a Bright, Successful Future.

Using QR Codes in the Classroom to Enhance Learning

Using QR Codes in the classroom is great fun. Find out some tips and tricks on how to use them effectively to engage students in research and learning.

17 Things for Teachers to Try in 2017 (Infographic and FREE Download)

17 Things for Teachers to Try in 2017 is upon us, and there are so many new and exciting advances in technology coming our way. I always geek out learning about the latest gadgets, but I especially love learning about new ways that technology can im

15 Ways to Nurture a Growth Mindset in the Classroom

Learning Specialist and Teacher Materials - Good Sensory Learning: 15 Ways to Nurture a Growth Mindset in the Classroom. Essential tool for hospital teachers.

Breakout Games in the Classroom

Breakout box Games in the Classroom! This escape room for the classroom is so fun and engaging for students and promotes critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration.

Promoting a Culture of Kindness in the Classroom

Do you want to promote a culture of kindness in the classroom? These free kindness activities will help you face the challenging task of helping students feel included and respected in an ever increasing hostile world. Kindness activities for the classroo

What Makes a Good Fidget?

Fidgets in the Classroom for ADHD Kids Fidgets that could help your attention deficit (ADD/ADHD) child improve his focus in the classroom. by Kay Marner

Using songs for transitions in the classroom

Routines and Transitions -- Colleague IDEAS I sing in my first grade classroom all the time; for transitions, directions, academic information and for fun!

A Complete Start-up Guide to Blogging in the Classroom

Integrate technology in the classroom with Kidblog.org. Setting up a classroom blog has never been more simple. Come get a free walk through guide and see all the ways I use a class blog with my students.

Portable Behavior System

Do you have a positive classroom behavior system that students are rocking in the classroom, but it's falling apart outside of the classroom? Class Dojo has been a great tool in my Autism classroom, but it was falling apart at recess, lunch, and ma

Music in the Classroom for Quick Transitions

Are you an elementary education teacher looking for more classroom ideas? This classroom management tip will ease the stress of transitions in the classroom! Using music in the classroom is a fabulous classroom management tool! Check out these awesome lis

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