Chris hemsworth in Full costume! On the sets of Thor : The Dark world.

If I wasn't so keen on my scale maille top for Thor, I would totally go for this as my Thor bustier.

How to Make a Thor Costume

Thor hammer out of foam. thats how u did it Dayton. This would work for a Thor cake idea too.

Thor's outfit redesigned for a girl, someone make this for me and a Loki version. And iron man version.

If you're dropping in from DailyBuzz Moms, then welcome! A couple of weeks ago I finished a funny viking Halloween costume for my younges.

A look at the 'Thor: Ragnarok' costumes. Link:

I took the privilege to create a variation of tiaras from the Thor ( I know by this is dosn't in kanon). Material-plastic on foam basis, wing and the bu. Staff by fem Thor

Thor Kid Costume (foam)

Hi, here a quick pic-tutorial for making a kid Thor costume by using foam the photos are quite explicite, so if needed, please ask questions :)

This is the ultimate list of Thor Costume tutorials. If you have a new tutorial, add it here!