etsy packaging makes me happy

Ooo! A package in the mail … you open it and whoo-hoo its that item you ordered from etsy …. oh, wow, look how lovely it has been packaged – a small little thing such as beautiful packaging can add so much to the overall enjoyment of a product, it becomes an experience not just an item.

Beautiful little tin and handmade card: Billie-Jo M

Lovely simple brown wrapping with handstamped wrap: Kate Akatombo

Hand cut paper fused fabric to make a postcard type note: Priscilla Locke

Almost everything I have ordered from etsy has come in thoughtful packing. Whether it be a clever use of recycled materials, beautifully executed ribbon tying techniques, little extra goodies or even just a handwritten note. All these things show that the artist cares about their work and me, their faithful customer. I have even received supplies with sweet and friendly packaging, I mean, how lovely is it to receive a mundane old supply like split rings in an organza drawstring pouch with a handwritten thank you note – totally thoughtful.

Well, I am almost ready to open the shop and have come up with my packaging. My criteria for a good packaging solution is as follows:

  • functional – durable for maling and sized to fit.
  • as reusable or recyclable as possible – might have to use a waterproof mailer which will not be recyclable, but would be potentially reusable.
  • looks lovely and represents my brand.

cardiclips packaging

I have settled on post-consumer recycled paper jewelry boxes and I think they will do the trick quite nicely …. I am thinking something like this but maybe deeper boxes so I dont squish the flowers …

I am still on the lookout for future alternatives as I have creations in mind that will not fit this box and need a little more head room. I stumbled across these little beauties from SPI whilst searching for etsy packaging alternatives and think they are really lovely. Simple, attractive and sustainable, can’t do better than that! I can’t wait to give them a go when they will be available in lower quantities, which according to SPI (Sustainable Packaging Industries) should be around May this year!

GreenKraft eco-stylish packaging



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